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Sarah has always been captivated by spaces, and the effect they can have on one’s emotions.  From a young age, she was drawn to unique and curated spaces wherever she was.  She decided to turn that passion into a career and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from Florida State University.  After college, Sarah worked for an Architectural and Interior design firm where she honed her technical knowledge of design and mastered the art of floor plans, elevations, and details.  From there, she went on to work for a General Contractor as a Project Manager where she gained a great deal of experience in the technical side of the construction process.  She grew here, eventually moving to large scale facilities design and construction management. 

While she loved her time at all of these positions, in her heart she always knew she wanted to open her own residential Interior Design firm. 


Armed with a diverse skillset encompassing construction management and design, Sarah opened BraePark Design.  Named for her two young boys, Braden and Parker, Sarah ensures her designs not only look amazing but also function as needed.  Her diverse background and skillset, coupled with her intense focus on function and detail, drives her to create unique and timeless spaces for her clients. 

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