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Interior Design Kitchen Trends for 2022 and Beyond

Updated: May 20, 2022

It is hard to believe that we are almost five months into 2022. With that and the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in the rearview mirror, we want to walk through which 2022 trends are here to stay. KBIS is known for showcasing the latest trends and technologies in kitchen and bath design, and some of our team members at BreaPark Design were lucky enough to be part of the action. Let’s go through the highlights:

The Return of Color….

… in Cabinets

For a long time, white kitchens were the desire of many kitchen renovations. While white is never going away, just a quick search on social media or watching any home improvement show, it is easy to see a shift to kitchens having a warmer and more welcoming vibe. Thus, non-bright whites, greige (warm grays), blues, greens, and blacks are now popular cabinet colors.

Photo Credit: Sherwin-Williams

Color does not always have to be bold. I love how the warm colors used on the cabinets echo the kitchen’s warmth, being the heart of the home.

There is a trend toward adding nature-inspired color in your kitchen (and all over your home), with paint brands like Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore selecting warm, soothing greens for their colors of the year.

Photo Credit: @westofmain (Instagram)

Here a bold green was used for the walls of cabinets (and to hide the fridge), but the natural wood on the island and soft gold used in the lighting fixtures balance the ascetics of the space.

…. in appliances

In the mid-2010s, we saw new appliance companies emerge, like BigChill. Specializing in retro-looking appliances, color was a main ingredient for their lines. Fast forward to 2022, and we are seeing household name brands like Samsung offer more than just the standard black, white, and stainless steel that can be purchased at any big box appliance store. While we probably will not see large appliance brands bring back the beloved treasure of the 1970s kitchen – the avocado fridge – they will add a modern twist to what colored appliances mean.

Photo Credit: Samsung

A lovely mix of how colored appliances and colored cabinets can work together to create a warm and inviting space.

Smaller Ways to Make a Design Statement….

…with Appliances

The wait time for appliances keeps creeping up, and with some waiting 6+ months for standard orders, interior designers are choosing to create a statement with one appliance and then mixing that statement piece with panel-ready appliances. (Panel Ready Appliances are appliances that get a panel added to the front to match the rest of the cabinetry).

…with Less

You know that old saying: “less is more?” With bold cabinet color choices and a paneled fridge, the kitchen space can quickly become a lot to look at. Adding open shelving or glassed upper cabinets can take away from the clutter of the kitchen. The shelving creates clean lines that break up the continuation of the cabinetry.

A special BraePark Design Tip: Scared of letting people see what is really hiding behind those cabinet doors with open shelving? This open shelving trend does not need to be all or nothing. Consider a small shelf to house some cookbooks or a small section to build a coffee or beverage station.

… with Mixing Metals

Long gone are the days when the only option to mix metals was within the same hardware. The updated definition/way of mixing metals is simply to pick one to three elements in the kitchen and use a different metal than what was elsewhere.

Polished nickel and black hardware are not going away. However, we are moving away from the typical matchy-matchy days, where everything from the drawer pulls to the lighting has the same finish—for example, using black hardware for the cabinets and a nickel finish for the faucet and pot filler.

Photo @brookewagnerdesign (Instagram)

We love how this design encompasses all the elements that can help make a statement in your kitchen.

Dedicated Spaces

It is no secret that with so many of us staying home during the early days of the pandemic, the flaws in our homes turned unbearable, and many turned to renovations. During the same time, most of us craved organization for our sanity. In order to stay organized, everything must have a home. See where I am going with this? As kitchens are rethought and redesigned to help us be our most productive selves, we are seeing more dedicated spaces within the home, especially in the Kitchen. This can be something like a coffee bar, baking corner, or working pantry.

Photo Credit: @firstsenseinteriors (Instagram)

A great example of a working pantry – a space where all your everyday kitchen messes are hidden behind closed doors.

How to bring 2022 Trends into your home

While we are here to help you in any way we can (from full-service interior design to interior decorating and furniture sourcing), we understand that you may not be ready for a large-scale kitchen renovation. Here are a few professional interior designer tips on how to bring color or incorporate these trends to give your current kitchen a little facelift:

  • Bring in new drawer pulls

    • Bring in a pull with wood for a more natural look on white cabinets.

    • Try adding a pull with a different metal or design brings a fresh look to your kitchen

  • Change out your existing faucet

    • Have too many drawer pulls? Try changing out your nickel faucet for a new one with a black finish if you have nickel finishes.

  • New lighting over the island or peninsula.

    • Try an island chandelier that has both finishes you are trying to mix

    • Add a light made from rattan or other natural elements

  • Back to nature

    • Add plants to your kitchen, like a spider or snake plant, that do well with low light

    • Add some planted herbs for something to add a pop to the space and your cooking.

  • Paint just the island

    • If you are not ready to paint all your kitchen cabinets, painting just the island can add color to the space.

BraePark Design Project Highlight: #MoonKitchen

Photographer: @christykosnicinteriors⁠ (Instagram)

We know we are biased, but this small and mighty kitchen we did for a client in Arlington, VA, checks off all the boxes on the 2022 design trends. By painting the cabinets a warm green, our team was able to add color with a timeless twist. We used open shelving and off-white for the cabinets on the wall with the refrigerator, which brings balance to the space. We mixed metals using different finishes for the drawer pulls and faucet allowing the light fixtures and wood seating to not feel out of place.

Kitchens have always been known as the heart of the home, but with the rise in construction costs, and extended wait time for appliances, interior designers are putting more thought and intent into making a livable space for the whole family to enjoy. Pulling up our sleeves and getting creative in creating a customized kitchen design that works for the client is a highlight of our job.

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