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Interior Design Trend: Large Floral Prints & How to Use Them

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Floral prints may not be the first thing that comes to mind when picturing a chic, well-designed home. Instead, images of the wallpaper in your grandmother’s kitchen may consume your thoughts. Those tiny blooms that seemed to go on and on forever. Floral prints have long been one of the most widely used motifs in interior design. Today, big bold florals are seeing a big comeback in interior design! Go to any design store and you’ll see it; lush, whimsical abstract florals covering everything from throw pillows to dinnerware. But how are top-rated interior designers incorporating this trend into their designs?


Go Big or Go Home

Today’s fresher, more modernized florals are anything but boring or stuffy. They are big and bold. They have exaggerated proportions and contrasting colors. They can add bold pops of color, or warmth and comfort. Small florals tend to have more of a dated feel. Choose blooms that are big, to ensure they serve as a piece of art; a statement piece. Going big and bold also makes for a more contemporary feel. And don’t be concerned with the room size, bright prints can breathe life into rooms large and small.

Go Abstract

A loose interpretation of florals can work best in a modern space. Don’t feel committed to stick to traditional flowers. Florals, both abstract and literal, are popular. Have fun with tropical leaves, palm tree prints and others. And florals don’t necessarily mean pastels mixed with greens and blues, have fun with prints in neutrals, gold metallics or black and whites. These unique color choices can give a space a fun, or even a moody or edgy feel.

Use Restraint

One word: moderation. Florals can be overpowering. And when they are overdone, they can be overwhelming. Choose one or two elements in a room to apply florals to. Then ensure the rest of the room’s design complements the floral statement pieces. A beautiful floral statement piece amid a sea of complementing solids, neutrals and textures can feel like a work of art.

Also, pair bold floral patterns with neutrals, or whites. Bright, monochromatic rooms are the ideal blank slate for dramatic prints. This allows the colors pop, without being overwhelming.

Make your home blossom and tie your statement pieces in with other design aspects. Pair bright floral wallpaper with complementary throw pillows. And accent big bold floral prints with greenery to soften the look.

Interior Design without Commitment

Even though we think this floral trend will be around for a while…it, like many other design trends, won’t be around forever. So, unless you plan to redecorate every few years, it’s best to apply big, bright florals to items that can be easily changed out. Think wallpaper, throw pillows, area rugs, curtains, and accent furniture. After all, who wants to commit to a bold trend for years at a time? That’s part of the fun, making small changes based on trends! According to Pinterest’s top trends for 2019, searches for bold wallpaper were up 401% this year!

The Enduring Beauty of Blooms

There is no question, these new florals are not your grandma’s wallpaper. And they are not just for those seeking a vintage feel. Use of restraint and careful execution can give florals a contemporary look. The key is to use them in a more modern way! Remember: Go Big! Go Bold! Have Fun!

Sarah Powers earned her Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and has been designing thoughtfully designed custom interiors since 2006. Her Arlington, VA-based boutique interior design firm, BraePark Design, focuses on developing custom designs that blend current trends with timeless design….all while reflecting her clients’ individual styles. Considering a renovation, addition or new construction? Contact her to learn what she can bring to your project!


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